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Dual module gives you both the One Touch Hood and Remote Controlled Hood features in one device.

Micro - controlled roof module for the BMW Z4 E85 roadster 2003 - 2009.

Operate the hood using your existing BMW key fob.

Three clicks of the unlock button will open the windows, drop the hood and then put the windows back up, all as you approach the car or load up the boot.

Two clicks of the unlock button followed by one click of the lock will cause the windows and hood to raise and lock the car.

Because you are not clicking twice on the lock button your interior movement or tilt sensors will not get disabled as will occur with other remote modules.

A single click of either button while the hood is moving will cause the hood to halt its movement.

Also incorporates the One Touch Hood function.

No need to hold your dash buttons down to operate the hood, simply press for 0.5 seconds and then let go.

The hood will continue on its own whilst you pull away from a red light, manoeuvre into/away from a parking space or change the CD.

A quick press of either button when the roof is moving will cause the hood to halt.

Microprocessor controlled for trouble free and flexible operation.

Very simple to install, only five wires to connect.

No need to cut any existing wiring.

12 month's warranty.

Rapid email support, 7 days a week.

Supplied with all fixings and detailed installation instructions with pictures.

We have sold modules to many happy customers worldwide currently enjoying the sunshine.

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The Remote Controlled Hood Plus (RCH+). Gives you the best of both worlds. Remote Control Hood and  One Touch Hood  all in one module.

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